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I used to be a DJ in college


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  • I used to be a DJ in college

    We had a feeble radio station with a blazing 1/2 watt of power. What a terrible job to have, even for a kid. Now I am sad.

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    DJ is so cool


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      1/2 watt? I've had CB radios with more juice than that.


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        Sure, rub it in. It was at George Fox College. We had to spell it out,"K-F-O-X," because the Quaker administration was concerned that saying "K-FOX" might sound like a dirty word over the air. Seriously, once you left the Student Union Building where the station was located, you lost signal and couldn't hear the broadcast. Worst. Station. Ever.

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      I seen DJ in college in other college. In my college its not available.:smiley-bounce013: