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Maschine Mikro questions.


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  • Maschine Mikro questions.

    I am an owner of Komplete 8 plugins that I use to record music with.I don't use a laptop or software/vst for live performance though.I use a Boss DR drum machine that I use for playing drum patterns.There's lot of talk about NI Maschine & I would like to know if I can use it like a drum machine like the Boss DR series for live performance.Will I be able to load entire loops from my DAW onto Maschine & take it for liver performance without having to take a laptop with me? Does the Maschine Mikro work on its own or do I have to carry a laptop in order to play the patterns I load into it? I have a whole lot of drum loops & other loops on my computer,so will I be able to load any of those loops onto the Maschine hardware & take it with me for live performance?
    Please give me some clarity on this.


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    I don't know much about Maschine Mikro, but I'm a major fan of Maschine and it's essentially a controller for your computer and the Maschine software. There's a pretty in-depth review on this site. Unless Maschine 2 has some storage features and such, I'm pretty sure you're still going to need a laptop if you want to take advantage of what it can do.

    But, you can always transfer Maschine's loops over to something like an MPC
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