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What are the young kinds listening to for a prom.


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  • What are the young kinds listening to for a prom.

    Hey, I am originally in the live sound forum , but i am interested in getting into DJ'ing . i am also looking into a prom to dj for it. and i just thought i would come here to see from the pro's , but what are the kids listening to these days for proms. are they listening to a lot of dance mixes or just rap or techno. and if so what are the names of a few of them , I know they are interested in lil wayne for starters. so any other names from these areas of music would really help me. and i need to know where to find the clean versions of the songs as well. thanks.

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    Honestly, I don't know. I'm much more into the production/performing/club DJ end of things; you're talking more about the mobile DJ world. They're really two different scenes. I suspect a lot of times it's really just the hits being crossfaded, with minimal beat-matching or controllerism... but maybe someone here has a clue.
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