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Music Selections for Charity Gig (Relay for Life)


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  • Music Selections for Charity Gig (Relay for Life)

    I have been chosen to DJ the Relay for Life. They hired a sound contractor to provide the sound for two football fields, but I am to MC / DJ for 20 hours with several 2 hour breaks throughout the night. It is a charity relay race. Last year the sound contractor didn't realize he was supposed to provide a DJ and they literally hooked up an iPod full of 80's and put it on shuffle. There are usually 4000-7000 people at this event.

    I am looking for song selections. All told I am probably going to need to provide 8-12 hours of music. They want upbeat stuff to keep the relay people motivated. The theme is Disney, so I imagine they want me to play some Disney songs. Any suggestions for songs to play would be great as I usually only have to come up with 6 hours of music at a time.

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    I learned at these type of events, you REALLY want to watch what you play. Throw in a little bit of everything based on the crowd. Super-clean mainstream music, some older more popular music, a few line dance songs, etc. It just depends on what the crowd wants mostly. P.S. have fun, 20 hours? Ours were only 12 hours here, and usually the music only was for 6-7 hours anyways...


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      Having been to a few of these events (and on the committee a few years), choose upbeat songs, but make them as clean as possible. You're going to have a very mixed crowd, from toddlers to grandparents.
      Anything Michael Jackson, 90's rap, Beatles, mostly all 80's music... throw in a few Skrillex or Zeds Dead songs for the teens to make them happy, and yeah, a few Disney songs to fit the theme.
      If you have any questions, I could directly ask our DJ from last year!