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Wanting input on controllers with built-in mixers.


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  • Wanting input on controllers with built-in mixers.

    Hi, everyone! I am a sound guy who also moonlights as a DJ. Right now, I am running Traktor Pro, an Audio 2 DJ sound card, and a Numark MixTrack controller. PC is a Toshiba laptop running Windows 7 (64-bit).

    This combo has been successful for me to start out with, but I would like to upgrade to more serious kit. A fellow DJ is running the Denon DN-MC6000 and I rather liked the fact that it could function as a standalone mixer as well as a normal MIDI controller. Based on my experiences with this unit, I am exploring similar options. So far, the three controllers of this type I have found are:

    - Denon DN-MC6000
    - Allen and Heath Xone 4D (Egads! Expensve!)
    - Numark NS6

    Are there other consoles of similar type I should look at? My main requirements would be:

    1. Able to interface and control Traktor and/or other top-tier DJ apps.
    2. Superb sound quality and features including balanced mic inputs and balanced outputs.
    3. Under $1k US.
    4. Able to function as a standalone mixer, if needed, for external audio sources (turntables, iPods, etc.).

    Thanks for any input or advice!
    Chief fader ape, wire monkey, mic macaque, and speaker chimp.

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    Just in case someone ever comes across this, I decided on the Denon unit and am saving up the $ to get it.
    Chief fader ape, wire monkey, mic macaque, and speaker chimp.


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      The only thing I don't like about the Denon unit is that it comes with the "LE" or light ,version. If you like tractor check out the Native instruments Tractor S4 controller. The Denon is a very interesting unit, but may require quite a bit of tweaking. The Tractor unit is pretty much "plug and play." I'm in the market right now and having one hell of a time deciding. I like the fact that the Denon comes with rails and can be easily rack mounted. But I really like the fact that the S4 comes tweaked for the software. Good reviews on both at