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  • Building your music library

    Is there any way to buy DJ collections all at once? (Legally)

    Can I just go buy the DJ intelligence top 200 all at once?

    Can I buy the top 100 1950s, 60s, 70s etc?

    I went about building my music collection all wrong. I thought DJs needed hundreds of thousands of songs in order to be able to fill requests. I have been buying lots of CDs thousands at a time and using a robot to import them into itunes. Right now I have 40,000 songs, and half of my library isn't imported yet and still I am hit and miss on requests. I do have 17 Alabama albums though...

    I was talking to a DJ who has been doing this for a while and I found out he has 17000 highly organized songs wheras I throw so many songs at my DJ software it struggles to pull them all up an occasionally tells me I don't have something when I know I put it in there.

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    Various hardware options. Boxee makes one, WD Live as mentioned before. We all use it for music teaching.. they're great apps..