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need player software rec for PC, I think DJs know will know best

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  • need player software rec for PC, I think DJs know will know best

    OK, by the number of DJs I've seen using MACs, this may or may not be the best place for a PC laptop user to post. But I think those in this business will know best what to recommend on any platform.

    I'm not a DJ. I just want to use my prepared performance tracks to play my tracks in the background, while I front with guitar and vocals. A very simple thing, and I'm very happy with both the audio quality from just about every modern laptop I've tried, and there really seems no issue with stability for simple playback of WAV files (yeah, I like to keep my performance tracks uncompressed).

    Anyway, the only remaining issue is easy control. And by easy I mean that if I have to take my attention away from my audience for more than a second or two to que up the next song, play or pause it, then that's too much. Plus, I'm playing guitar, and really likt to keep at least one hand on it. So with my laptop firmly on a platform to my right, I want to be able to do those things with one hand. that means that arrow keys and single key keyboard shortcuts are better than having to navigate the mouse around using a touch pad.

    Now lets take Windows media player. I'll use it if I have to, but it doesn't meet the above requirements at all. There is no one-key PAUSE/PLAY, for example. You can PAUSE with the space bar, but then hitting the space bar again switches tracks instead of going back to PLAY. The ENTER key will start/stop, which is pretty kewl, and the arrow keys will let me quickly navigate my playlist to skip over a song if need be. But no one key PAUSE/PLAY.

    Anyway, if any of you are NOT in the MAC world, and know of any PC (XP sr-3) compatible player programs that would likely be good for what I'm doing, I'm all ears! :-)

    --Randy (Peter Pan)

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    iTunes has space bar pause and resume, for PC too. Nor sure what else you need
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