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Where can I get some trance music?

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  • Where can I get some trance music?

    Ive been really getting into trance music. Ive just been listening to it on youtube. Where can i buy some cds? or get some free downloads?

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    There are many internet radio stations that do trance, too many to list here. Go to or and you'll find plenty. But there are also some cool little indie stations...try this:

    While mainstream, a good introduction are the early Ultra Trance double CDs (from Ultra Records) you can find in most airports. You can also find albums by Paul Van Dyk, Armin Van Buuren, and other trance DJs at most big CD stores that aren't Wal-Mart

    Germany is a great place to find trance...every time I've over there I get several CDs.
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      The hands down best place to go is

      Native Instruments founded beatport is a itunes/napster style site with only trance, techno, electronica, drum and bass, etc. music.

      Great selection, they make a lot of lists for easy browsing of top hits month to month, year to year, and even decade to decade.

      They also have a internal player that streams sample all of which are longer than 30 seconds. Very beneficial since most electronic music can be repetitive at moments.

      GO THERE!


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        It is what it is.


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 and also stock progressive and psychedelic trance.


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            I like trance as well, I have some albums and tracks.

            I like the following albums :
            Anjunabeats Volume 5 by above and beyond
            state of mind by george acosta
            this is trance 5 by stoneface and terminal
            wide range by stoneface and terminal
            state of trance 2007 by armin van buuren
            the ten year album by armin van buuren

            There are lot of music site available on internet which provide trance music, u can find these site with the help of any search engine or music community.

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              Ive been really getting into trance music. Ive just been listening to it on youtube. Where can i buy some cds? or get some free downloads?

              Lots of free and good Trance iTunes Podcasts out there. My fav is Heaven's Lounge and Heaven's Trance from DJ Peter Canellis, but if you then go by "People, who listend to this also listen to..." in iTunes, you'll find real gems out there for free.


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                I prefer traxsource and beatsdigital, they are great sources for Trance music, but there's nothing like surfing Youtube and finding new tracks to listen.


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                  i'd try they've got everything beatport has and more, i'd tell you my other sites buy then i'd have to...


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                    where i can get top 40 trance music. just like to 40 pop music...

                    Armin van Buuren's weekly A State of Trance internet radio show, maybe?