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WTB: Late 80s Yamaha SE's (600, 900 or 1200 series)

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  • WTB: Late 80s Yamaha SE's (600, 900 or 1200 series)

    I have a late 80s Yamaha SE612A and would like a similar model as back up guitar, possible for parts (may need to make "franken-yamaha-strat" as parts wear out).

    I might also be interested in the RGX, RGZ, Pacificas from around this time period, which had similar body styles, so some parts may be interchangeable. Since this would be for back up / parts, the price would have to be reasonable, but I'm not looking to rob anyone blind -- I'll pay more if it's in better condition, OHSC, etc., the usual stuff that makes a guitar worth more, and at the same time I'm less interested (and would pay less) the more it's beat up, non-original, missing parts, etc. Just common sense.

    In my experience, most "yamaholics" are going for the older SG's (I have a sweet SG1500 myself) or even SF's, the semi-holllows, or higher end Pacificas (I also have a higher end Pacifica). But I have a soft spot for the SE models. My SE612A just fits my style of play, and if anything were to happen to it, I'd like a back up, or parts to fix it.