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Bass parts 50s-60s style, chromed PUs, bridge.


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  • Bass parts 50s-60s style, chromed PUs, bridge.

    Hello guys.

    I'm about to have a kitsh twang bass made, one that looks and sounds like 50s.
    I don't know yet about all the details but I'm looking around for interesting parts. Think Burns, Hofner, Dalelectro.

    What I'm looking for :
    - Chromed pickups with vintage not only looks but also tone. Hammon Darkstar is an option.
    - Old/odd bridge, pretty narrow string spacing, preferably with a mute pad. Rick welcome.
    - Any bass part with this kind of feeling to it. Odd knobs, slide switches, funny nut, tell me what you got.

    I'm in Europe for what it's worth.
    Paypal only.
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