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Distortion/overdrive/fuzz pedals

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  • Distortion/overdrive/fuzz pedals

    please post pics, nothing crazy expensive
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    I'll grab my girlfriend's camera tonight and post pics of anything you might be interested in...

    I have an Ibanez Tube King (brand new in the box) and a Danelectro Daddy-O over in the spam thread along with some non-distortion effects.

    Any interest?



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        you interested in a monsterpiece NPN fuzz? 80 Shipped. Thanks
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          I have a mint Barber Direct Drive SS. $100 shipped.


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            I have a Boss HM-3 in excellent shape for $40 shipped or a Boss SD-1 black label MIJ in excellent shape for $45 shipped or a Danelectro T-Bone distortion for $13 shipped.


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              Forgot that I also have a BD-2 blues driver in excellent shape for $59 shipped and a DS-1 in excellent shape for $29 shipped.