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WTB something. Guitars, amps, pedals?


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  • WTB something. Guitars, amps, pedals?

    I have a few hundred dollars in paypal and want to burn some or all of it. Got any good deals? MXR Distortion or ODs would be really cool, an amp would be nice, cheap guitars. Let me know what you've got.

    2004 Black Fender Jazz Bass

    Originally Posted by charveldan

    Ever seen a squirrel eat italian sausage???

    edit: wrong thread.

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    Got a epiphone les paul custom that's a player
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      I got an Epiphone lespaul standard plus top in amber burst OHSC -$300

      Monte Allums modded DS-1 (rectifier tri-gain mod)-$60

      Fulldrive 2 mosfet perfect condition- $120

      Line 6 flextone III XL + FVB Controller-$450

      PM me if your interested
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        sent you a pm yesterday.
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            http://www.thegearpage.net/board/showthread.php?t=803332 I have some here you may be interested in.


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              Hey DarkLlama,

              Check out these threads:




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                Couple of items up for sale

                First up, Vox AC4TV 8" in mint condition. Only about 3 months old. Sounds great, very portable...just need to move some gear to pay off some other stuff in the works. Looking for $130 plus some shipping (nothing crazy). Here's some pics:

                Next up, is a Fender 12 inch speaker, made by Eminence. 8 ohms. Works great. Took it out of my Hot Rod Deluxe. Looking for $35 plus some shipping.

                Last up, a Digitech Bad Monkey overdrive pedal. Good condition with velcro on the bottom. Comes with the original box. $32 shipped

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                  I have a Cordoba 20 Estudio classical, Yamaha F-325 acoustic, Vox AD15VT, and a DigiTech DL-8 Hardwire. If you're interested in any of those, we can talk about a price!


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                    I have a hughes &kettner cream machine &metal master +a blues driver modded by tonehunter (keeley like but a bit more low end),maybe a Hafler T2 also

                    let me know if you


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                      I've got an Epiphone SG with Gibson 57 pickups for sale. See link in my sig for details. I'm open to negotiation
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                        Any interest in an LTD KH-503? 24.75" Scale, EMG 81/81, LFR, Maple Neckthru Alder body. LP Junior Shape Basically mint, with a custom professionally done Celtic Knot graphic.
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                          i have a bloody murder overdrive i might sell...let me know if you are interested
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                            Okay Iv got 8 pedals for sale. All are in good shape and in perfect working order. Never been gigged. Iv just gotten diffrent pedals to replace them or just plain didnt bond with them. Here they are...
                            MI Audio Boost N' Buff - $80
                            Skreddy Top Fuel - $200(discontinued - Finish was done in candy apple red nitrocellulose. It looks great!!!Tiny chip by the right tone knob. Nitro is easyer to chip but it looks deep and has that mojo!)
                            Zendrive - $180
                            Lovepedal Woodrow - $125(no 9v adapter socket, but a battry on/off switch was installed so no need to unplug it all the time)
                            Early ToneFactor Sugar Baby - $100
                            Early ToneFactor Huckleberry - $100
                            MojoHand Mule - $100
                            BYOC Custom Shop 10 band EQ - $75(was built by Axe and You Shall Recieve in canada)

                            Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks guys/gals!!!!!
                            Email Address Expecting_rain@hotmail.com
                            I can send pic too or see my ad in the sell section


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                              I'm selling my Ibanez EX3700TP.