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Wanted: Vantage tailpiece & pick-up


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  • Wanted: Vantage tailpiece & pick-up

    I own a Vantage VS695 and it is missing the stop or tailpiece and a pick-up (dbl coil humbucker?). Anyone know where I can find these parts.



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    Vantage guitars are nice, however, if it isn't actually all original (untouched in complete stock form) then there really isn't any reason to keep it with original parts.

    If you can get a tailpiece that fits, it will probably be better quality metal than what was used back when they made the Vantage guitars. You can acquire very nice pickups for not much money that would take the Vantage to much higher levels, as the quality of Vantage (and most Matsumoku brands/guitars) was in the woodworking and assembly - not the pickups. The pickups were one of the weak points so you'd be better off getting a great pickup and installing it in the Vantage.

    Having 'period correct' parts in the Vantage won't add value because it won't really be all original. Period correct may add cach

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      Thanks for the info. To be honest, I was/am completely clueless on the thing. I just sold my house, was having an estate sale prior to moving, and found the guitar in the attic. I didn't even know that I still had it; I haven't seen it in years. Anyway it was missing the tailpiece and one pick-up - when I was a teenager I was going to replace the pick-ups, but never finished the job. So, my son who is now a teenager wants me to fix it up for him. I was just going to get rid of it. In fact I have it on CraigsList. What do you suggest?

      Thanks again.