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WTB: Jackson DK2M


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  • WTB: Jackson DK2M

    Missed out on one of these here recently so I'm sniffing around to see if there's another. Looking for a Snow White DK2m (the older version with the maple fretboard) in good condition. I have a like new Ferrari Red San Dimas Pro Mod WHC I might trade if you're willing to throw in some cash. Or I may be persuaded to do a cash only deal--depends on the Jackson. Let me know--thanks.

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    I have this dk2m

    I had 2 Snow white dk2m guitars but they are gone

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    • Jbird5150
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      Yeah I know Jim--I missed your Snow White by about a day. (smacks forehead).

      Truth is, I've already got a couple of red guitars. And the flames aren't really my thing. Appreciate you posting though.

      Talking with a guy who has a SW listed on CL now, so we'll see. The only thing is a little of the binding around the tip of his headstock has chipped off. Not a big deal to me, but it will certainly factor into the negotiations.