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Wanted - Budget acoustic guitar


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  • Wanted - Budget acoustic guitar

    I'm looking for something decent at a low price.  Acoustic or acoustic/electric.  Something like a Yamaha or Washburn.

    My Gear:
    Peavey Wolfgang
    Squier Tele Custom II
    Marshall DSL50
    Custom 2x12 w/ Vet30 and ET65
    Fender Mustang II

    Peavey 4x12MS - unloaded - $90
    Schecter C1 Plus Transparent Blue with JB/59 pickups - $300

    Seymour Duncan Custom/59 or Custom/Jazz set (zebra)
    Dimarzio AZ/AN set (zebra)

    My Band

    Originally Posted by OverDriven

    Dude you have excellent taste. Teh butt is so much more important than teh bewbz.

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    I have an Ovation Celebrity guitar that I'm looking to get rid of. Would you be interested in taking a look at it? 


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      Hi, I have a yamaha fg720Sca for sale ? let me know , thanks Kevin ..


      • cadillackev
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        Oh, its an older better builder / sounding .. I just bought a vintage 89' fg ,, so I thought I'd let this go , its like new plays great / electric . , tuner onboard .. what kind of a budget are you looking for ? I was looking for 300 on it . might do a little trade + cash , but ?..