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WTB: Jackson Soloist Professional OR Possibly Charvel Model 6

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  • WTB: Jackson Soloist Professional OR Possibly Charvel Model 6

    Hey guys, new here but have been lurking for a while.

    I recently missed out on a 1990 Jackson Soloist Professional (you know the one, ebony fretboard, MOP sharkies, neck-thru) in Pearlescent sparkle white and was SO gutted. I didn't realise how uncommon it was for them to come up so I'm just asking the question really to see if anyone's got any for sale. Colour isn't a huge issue to me but black, white or red would be perfect. I'd prefer decent condition if poss!

    Also keen on a Charvel Model 6, if anyone knows of any going, hit me up!

    BTW, I am in the UK which I can already see may be an issue with shipping, but you never know



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    I have an SL2H

    And a Charvel 550XL

    If that helps you outJackson Blue Flame 002.jpgCharvelToothpaste 003.jpg

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    <div class="signaturecontainer"><br />
    <br />
    Several Jacksons, ESP's, Charvels<br />
    Gibson, Fender, Suhr &amp; Ibanez<br />
    BC rich, Agile<br />
    Mesa Boogie MK IV /Wide body<br />
    Mesa Boogie DC-5 /Wine Tolex<br />
    Mesa Boogie 50/50<br />
    Mesa Boogie 2/95<br />
    2 Mesa 4X12 OS Rect Cabinet/Wine Tolex<br />
    Bogner 4x12 Red Tolex<br />
    Axe FX Ultra<br />
    Axe Fx II<br />
    ****KEMPER****<br />
    Boss GT-10<br />
    Line 6 Live XT<br />
    Pa Gear<br />
    Some studio gear</div>


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      Hey dude,

      Thanks so much for the quick reply.

      That's one sweet ass SL2H man, looks WAAAAAAAY out of my price range! The Charvel is gorgeous too, but only really after the Mod. 6, preferably in an opaque colour.

      Sorry and thank you very much


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