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WTB: Pickups from 1970s Univox Coily (Fully Hollow with faux Bigsby)


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  • WTB: Pickups from 1970s Univox Coily (Fully Hollow with faux Bigsby)

    Need a new neck pickup for my Univox Coily. They are an odd size, so very few (none, really) other PUs will fit without mods. Don't want to mod, and don't want to use a different pickup. 


    These are the pickups that *look* like humbuckers, but which are actually single coils. They are in the plastic covers that are spray-painted silver. There is a row of screw-type polepieces and a row of rectangular metal pieces, but they aren't humbuckers. There were earlier ones that were the same size and coil configuration that had metal covers. Those would work, too.


    The guitar in question is a mid-70s Coily (Fully hollow, faux-bigsby tremolo tailpiece - sort of like a Gibson ES330 knockoff with Hofner-style pickups). The pickups that were fitted on the "Effie" (non-tremolo, same body-shape, lyre-tailpiece, more jazz-box oriented, basically a Guild Starfire knockoff) will not work. Too big, and they're humbuckers. The pickups from the earlier Univox Custom hollow-body guitars also will not fit (the ones that look like white strat pickups on black plates). I might be able to rig something up with one of those older ones if the guts are the same as the Coily PU, but would rather just have a Coily PU.


    ** the same PUs were fitted to the Univox Pro as well. also on the early Epiphone EA250, and guitars marked "Lyle," and the Aria Diamond hollow-body and semi-hollow guitars of the early-mid 70s.