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WTB: Gibson have 1k.


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  • WTB: Gibson have 1k.

    Mostly interested in Gibson Es anything.. Obviously a 335 would take the cake even when a repair job but also looking for off models 333 339 etc etc and standards and sg. I'll tell you right now a Pelham blue sg would also take my 1k. Have a standard lined up for Sunday buy so just toss offers all week. Thanks. I'm in Austin tx if anyone is local.

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    Hi - I have a nice 2011 SG Standard and a MIJ Epiphone Elitist LP - $850 each


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      I have an Ebony Gibson Les Paul Custom for sale for 1700$. I offered someone else this deal so I might as well offer it to you. I offered someone a deal of paying 1000$ up front and then 350$ a month for 2 months after receiving the guitar because he was strapped for cash and so am I.


      Let me know if you are interested in that deal! Thanks!

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        Hello friend

        are you still interested in the above subject....i have it for sale
        and it is still in wonderful condition....please contact me on my email
        crysta.marsh@yahoo.com for
        more details
        reply with subject please