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WTB: Overdrive pedals

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  • WTB: Overdrive pedals



        I am interested in purchasing OD pedals for my rig. Shoot me offers on good pedals. Already have a ts9, wylde od, bad monkey, boss sd1, bd and a Sparkle Drive. 


    Thank you 


    Equipment: Traynor yba-1, ENGL e530, Peavey VTM60, Randall RH100, Fender Princeton - 4x12 or 1x12 cab with warehouse veteran 30 and et65 

    Guitars: Gibson Les Paul Custom VOS 57, Gibson Explorer, Fender MIM Strat With Dimarzios

    Irv Only<br>----------------------------------------------<br>Schecter Elite 007 - Gibson Explorer<br>TU2 &gt; Cantrell Wah &gt; TS9 &gt; ENGL E530 &gt; ISP Decimator &gt; Marshall EL84 20/20 &gt; Randall 4x12

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    I have a joyo JF-01 Vintage Overdrive, Danelectro Daddy O. Overdrive (In box with paperwork and the original Danelectro battery still in the wrapping), and a Ibanez TS-808HW. hoffmanandrew1@gmail.com



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      ebay profile:

      Good Deals:
      Carbohydrates hemiram2006 bhunt70 toxicity landbriancoe Pentode n'V'us shred-o-holic, buliwyf leod_74 Fusion1 Oldtone teleman JRguitar landbriancoe Emerica167852 cavpilot desceneisvals alexmack bobbo x2 xweedledee alley trash richey888 Daveydude


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        I just posted a Menatone Red Snapper at a good price (see classified/ effects pedals). It is an awesome pedal that you would love playing. I also have a Penfar Fat Foot Fuzz that is the fuzz of all fuzzes. I will ship that to you for 95.00. If your interested let me know and I'll post it so you can see it.


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          I have a Catalinbread 2 knob Hyerpak if you're interested.



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            t-rex mudhoney
            circus freak tattooed lady

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          Lumpy's Tone Shop Liquid Lead with 'Zoso' graphic.
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            Barber Tone Pump EQ 

            <div class="signaturecontainer">GOOD DEALS: solewheelin (X2), gkelm, tattooedsailor, seblo_15, twinkletoes (x2), pedalhoundz, silver-seven (x2), claytonjohn18, adee1970, Vidarr, Josh33, kreeper_6, DRGUN<br />
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               I have a  Way Huge Pork Loin mint in the box.


              It's purple!


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                fulltone gt500...?