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Tommy Shannon's rig?


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  • Tommy Shannon's rig?

    I'm assuming that TS played on SRV's studio version of Voodoo Chile. Anybody know what he was running through?

    That, IMO, is killer tone.
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    You are right about the tone. I just have a hard time listening to that song, as Layton is so lame on drums. If only Mitch could have drummed on that one...

    Of course, I really have no idea of what I’m talking about…


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      IIRC he's into 2x15 cabs, can't remember what amps he uses...
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        He has a rig of Peavey amps behind him on the Montreaux video from '85. That'd be only two years after Couldn't Stand the Weather, or so. It could have been Peavey.

        Plus, old beat up Fender P and J basses!
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          He sold a bunch of his Trace Elliot stuff on ebay a year or so ago. I think it was a 2x15 cab that he said he used on a bunch of his famous gigs.

          From his web site:

          I receive a lot of mail asking about my gear, so here I go. I love talking about guitars and amps.

          I have approximately eighteen basses and guitars - to be honest I don
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