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What would you buy if you were to win $25,000?


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  • What would you buy if you were to win $25,000?

    only musical related stuff though this is a music forum after all.

    for me

    there goes $10,000 already

    then i would get a Mesa 400+ and an Ampeg 8x10. whats that, about $8000.

    so that leaves me with $7000 to buy a van to haul it all around

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    actually, i would proably just buy a nice acoustic kit, and put the rest towards both another nice bas, and some more to the van.


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        There's $7000.

        Plus a used, fretted Alembic Series I, which is around $5000.

        Ampwise, I'd get a GK 2001RB and a Schroeder 310212, which is about $3700.

        I'd restore my Thunderbird with what's left so I could sort of haul it all around...

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          I'd pay off my car and my student loans.

          Then I'd buy a sweet Spector or Lakland.
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            Originally posted by 82Daion

            There's $7000.

            Plus a used, fretted Alembic Series I, which is around $5000.

            Ampwise, I'd get a GK 2001RB and a Schroeder 310212, which is about $3700.

            I'd restore my Thunderbird with what's left so I could sort of haul it all around...

            I love Elderly Instruments. That bass is cool, but I wish it had a few more knobs.

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              - Musicman Stingray (white w/ black PG, maple board, white headstock) - Fretted

              - Rickenbacker 4001 - Tuxedo - Fretted

              - Alembic Series I - Fretted

              - New hardware for my 68' Ludwig Classics.

              - Eden WT800 head

              uh... and some strings, or something.


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                A good used van, and some promo flyers...
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                  the "another bass" i mentioned would definatley be the Ric i played on the Jasper Disc, it was beautiful.


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                    i wouldn't buy anything for music: unless it were a new poweramp, or cab.

                    Instead, i'd pay off the Rover, and puit a downpayment on a ski boat.


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                      I'd buy an electric drum kit.

                      So I could switch the drummer off.
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                          I assume we're talking AUD, right?

                          New car (8.000)
                          5-string electric violin (2.000)
                          Peavey Classic 30 (800)
                          New bass rig (Traynor YBA200, a 2x10 and a 2x12) (2.500)
                          New nice MultiFX and a Fishman pre for violin (1.200)
                          Cort B4 fretless (1000)
                          Rogue Hofner copy (500 shipped)
                          nice-ish used upright with a dual rockabilly pickup and preamp (2.500)
                          New mandolin (1000)
                          Nice-ish acoustic guitar (900)
                          Home recording setup and a few good mics (2000)
                          Couple of funky tailored suits (800)
                          Miscellaneous hats (500)
                          Epiphone DOT (900)
                          Family guy complete DVD set (100)
                          2 months' supply of cigarettes (100)

                          .... I think that adds up...
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                            Hmmm... $25k

                            gear wise it'd be:

                            a custom Telecaster guitard
                            and a nice acoustic guitard

                            Xotic X-Blender
                            Tone Factor Nebula
                            Snarling Dog Bootsy fuzz wah
                            Fender rack tuner
                            Radial JDV
                            and the rest of the cables I need to wire it all together with what I have currently

                            I'd pick the luthier to build my Bubinga/Wenge/butternut fretless 6 (Fred Bolton and Bee Basses most likely)

                            Nice Laptop and USB or Firewire recording interface.

                            couple nice mics

                            and put the rest towards building an addition on the house for my 'Music' room


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                              Custom Valenti x2
                              Custom Schecter x1
                              JAF x1
                              Berg NV425 x1
                              SVT x1

                              Yea, I'd be fine with that, keep the remaining few grand for...whatever.
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