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Review: Phil Jones Bass (PJB) Suitcase Amp


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  • Review: Phil Jones Bass (PJB) Suitcase Amp

    I posted this review on the FDP...thought I'd share w/ friends here...

    I've had the new Phil Jones (PJB) Suitcase amp for a few weeks now. I've been searching for a small venue, practice & studio amp for over a year now. This amp, in my opinion, is the very best small-mid size venue bass amp on the market. I've heard this said about PJB and agree -- It's truly groundbreaking stuff!

    First let's discuss the pre-sale process. When I first called looking for general information I was pleasantly surprised when Phil Jones answered the phone. A fantastic guy...very helpful & super technical. This is a very serious technical sound designer.

    The amp offers a top quality physical design and extremely transparent sound. It's small, lightweight and very easy to handle. It has 2 channels so you can easily gig 2 kinds of basses and set each channel with your specific bass tone - 1 for you P and 1 for your J! With 200/300-watts (and large internal power supply) you could easily play 2 instruments at the same time. Just about any instrument sounds fantastic here. The 4 PJB speakers are hi-fi quality. They will surprise you with their punch across the whole audio spectrum - deep powerful bass response. The 5 band EQ response is the best I've ever seen on any bass amp. You have total control of your bass sound!

    Phil Jones mentioned that he will be adding a 2nd 4B cabinet to the line later this year. I'm sold! Nothing on the market compares. This is truly a unique product. Bottom line: I love this amp!

    no affiliation...just a satisfied customer!

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    Hi Phil - welcome to the board!

    Thanks for the review.
    I understand those have a pretty high price tag. What does something like that set you back?
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      I bought it direct for $1250 (shipped) has it listed for $1150 (not sure what they charge for shipping)...


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        Originally posted by The Insomniac
        Hi Phil -

        As in Phil Rosuto of the Money Store?
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          Nice to hear an actual review.

          I actually asked him about the add-on cab a year or two ago, and he said never thought of it, but great idea. Kept the emails I think...
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            Uhhhhhhh-ohhhhhhhhh.......I'm gettin that feelin' again......
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