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Are the Spirit Steinies still in production?

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  • Are the Spirit Steinies still in production?

    Wondering if anyone knows. The MusicYo site is like a ghost town, there's almost no models up for the bass line or the guitar line. Curious if they're still making these things...
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    A few people on the steinbergerworld mailing list have e-mailed MusicYo to ask about them, and the response generally seems to be that they are still being made, but they can't be sure when the next batch will be in. So they haven't been canceled per se, but it's anyone's guess when more will be available to buy.

    Your best bet might be eBay, although unfortunately the lack of availability has caused prices to go up quite a bit beyond normal pricing. Some of the Hohner headlesses are also an option.

    Personally when I saw the prices that these were going for, I decided to go ahead and just go all out and get a Synapse Bass.... I managed to get a nice deal on a "blem" model from MusiciansFriend for only $840 - and it turned out that it wasn't really a "blem" at all - the previous owner had returned it because I guess they didn't care for the sound, but the only "blem" they could comment on was scratches on the battery plates on the back, which seemed kind of silly because the plastic covering wasn't even taken off.

    I might be returning the Synapse Bass though, as I'm thinking of having a custom bass made, and that will mean clearing out my other instruments.