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Who were the first bass players you really took notice of?


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    after I left the thread, I also remember jack casady catching my attention an awful lot - not so much on the technical front really but more so for his tone and interesting lines in a lot of tunes


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      Abe Laboriel
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      '03 Godin Freeway 5
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        Geddy Lee
        and this Man right here
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          My first "Wows!", listed by genre:

          Geddy Lee (Rock)
          Louis Johnson (Funk)
          Stanley Clarke (Jazz)
          John Taylor and Nick Beggs (Pop)
          Tommy Shannon and Johnny B. Gayden (Blues)
          Fred Hammond (gospel)
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            The first bass player that I noticed, and the reason I decided to play bass . . .

            Robert DeLeo

            and I guess, indirectly, Jamerson also.
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              The first two bass players I noticed were Jason Newstead and Fieldy from Korn.

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              I've said this before but **************** Musicians Friend in their stupid ****************ing faces.

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              Ringo may have been the weakest link of the Beatles, but that's like being the worst president on Mt. Rushmore.


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                That's an easy one...

                1.) Paul McCartney

                2.) Geezer Butler

                3.) Gene Simmons

                4.) John Entwhistle ;-)

                5.) Geddy Lee My favorite...of course!

                These are the guys I noticed while still in school!!


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                  For me, it was Monk Montgomery, and Stanley Banks (George Benson), then Charles "meat Man" Meeks, from Chuck Mangione's band.

                  From there, I discovered Louis Johnson, Alphonso johnson, and Marcus and Nathan!
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                    jesse keeler (DFA1979)

                    I've not been playing too long, but DFA converted me to bass!


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                      The guy who I really first noticed was Rob Wright who play bass for NoMeansNo, then Larry Boothroyd who played bass for Victim's Family. That was enough to knock me on my ass when I was 10 and made me wanna play bass.
                      Two very different but incredible punk bassists
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                        Jack Bruce.
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                          Joe Osborn when he was with Rick Nelson
                          Brian Wilson
                          Randy Hobbs and Tommy when they played for JW
                          Larry Graham with Sly
                          HC Geezer Brigade #150


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                            All the Motown stuff (Jamerson, Babbit). Later on I keyed in on Larry Graham, Louis Johnson, Leon Sylvers and Mark Adams. They kinda set the standard and model for my style of playing.
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                              (not necessarily in that order)


                              Plus JJ Burnell!

                              EDIT: bloody hell, and Rex Brown!!!


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                                Jack Bruce.

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