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Ampeg BA115HP problems


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  • Ampeg BA115HP problems

    Ok, so I've had this amp for about 6 months now, and so far it's been doing fine, but lately it's been doing something weird. I'll be playing and everything will sound fine, but every 2-3 minutes there will be some weird popping noise made from the amp. I've been taking care of the amp, and I have no clue what caused this. Can anyone help? Thanks.

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    You playing it at home? Is something in the house switching on and off like a refrigerator or something? It sounds like it might be line noise to me.


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      That happens to mine when the fridge starts up. I can hear the click followed by the fridge motor. Sometimes it's when a neighbor uses their dishwasher in my apartment building.
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        After hearing a few horror stories about those Ampeg combos, I went with an Ashdown.

        Glad I did too!