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  • OT: Books You'd Like to See Movie-fied

    My pick right now, Door To Door: An Epic Memoir of War by SSG David Bellavia. It's his story of the Second Battle of Fallujah. Maybe now's not the time, then again maybe it is. Politics aside, this guy's story would be HUGE on the big screen. You've got everything from the wide-scope of desert warfare with all the big lights and explosions narrowed to his platoon's actions in the first several days' time in Fallujah, finally narrowed down to his solo hand-to-hand combat inside a house with a total of six insurgents, five of whom he took on and killed, one with his Gerber knife. The sixth was found when the rest of his squad finally entered and finished clearing the house. Bellavia's book isn't sensationalistic, despite the fact this guy did sensational things. It's a great read and I think would make a great movie.

    Your pick?
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    The Talisman and Black House by Stephen King. I'd really like to see The Talisman on screen, and I think Black house would be damn scary.

    I'd also like to see Shadowland by Peter Straub.
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      I'd love to see [COLOR="Blue"]House of Leaves done into a movie, but I honestly don't know how they'd do it...
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        I could see someone like Tom Selleck, Liam Neeson, or Harrison Ford as lead...

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          A real film? RA Salvatore's The Highwayman. The book was heartwrenching and awesome, and with the right director, the film could be even moreso emotionally riveting.

          A Series of films? The Dark Tower saga by Stephen King.
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              Stephen King's "The Dark Tower" series
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                Lullabye by Palahniuk
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                  I think Asimov's science fiction would go well on the screen nowadays. Foundation is one of my favorite series and I really think that with today's FX technology and a script ripped right out of the book it'd be very good.
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                    Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone


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                      Neal Stephenson's "Snow Crash."


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                        The Tower, absolutely.

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                          Lullabye by Palahniuk


                          I was also thinking Invisible Monsters. Seems like I heard a rumor a few years ago they were trying to get that made. I guess it hasn't gotten far. Haunted also gets my vote, too. The swimming pool scene ought to sell some tickets.
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                            The Frank Zappa book- complete with previously an undiscovered recording of Zappa's narration and previously unreleased footage of Zappa's life from birth to the end of the book.
                            And in the DVD, an audio commentary with Beefheart and Zappa.. on his deathbed


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                              The Mote in God's Eye
                              Foucault's Pendulum

                              not that i really would, since they would probably do a butcher job...but in some perfect world...