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How do I adjust intonation on an S-TEK bridge?


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  • How do I adjust intonation on an S-TEK bridge?

    I've got a Schecter Diamond Series bass that's playing a little out of tune on the low E string. I want to adjust the intonation, so I went looking for that little screw behind the string head. There isn't one. This bass has a weird looking bridge, I guess it's called an S-TEK bridge. There are a couple of holes for hex-wrenches, but I don't know what's what and I don't want to mess it up. How do I move the bridge screws when I can't find actual screws?

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    Just a guess, but if there isn't a screw to move the saddle in and out, there's probably a set screw on both sides of the bridge, locking the saddles into place - loosen both of those, and slide the saddle into position... It's probably a good idea to loosen the string a little before doing this...

    - georgestrings