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need suggestions for a bass 12 inch speaker


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  • need suggestions for a bass 12 inch speaker

    i have an idea to test, and want some help

    looking for the best bang for the buck and the balance of crunch and bottom.... for electric guitar, i want a 2x12 cab for rock guitar, with one greenback (low watt) and the second speaker to be a bass speaker...

    so what would be a good 'cheap" 12 bass speaker for that cab??

    or more spend more and get a "cheap" separate bass cab??

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    Not a good idea, generally, without a crossover which is pretty complex to do.
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      It would work, with separate amplifiers for each speaker. There are some companies already doing guitar cabs with one or more bass speakers in them for brootz 7 and 8 string players. But keep in mind that the cabinet designs for guitar speakers and bass speakers are totally different, even when they're the same size. You'd most likely need to isolate the speakers from each other within the enclosure, at which point they may as well be in separate cabinets. At least for the test.


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        You'd also need to find a bass speaker that would work in the size enclosure you want to put it in. Generally speaking, cabinets are designed around the speakers...internal volume, porting, etc.
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          There's also an issue with sensitivity. Bass speakers tend to be significantly less sensitive than guitar speakers.
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            May want to consider something like a Rivera TAC 112, or build something like it:

            May be able to pick up a used Los Lobottom reasonably priced.
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              thanks ... sounds like it may work, but a separate cab is probably best

              the plan was speakers in parallel, with there own input, so could use 2 outputs from one amp, or from different amp

              the greenback is low sensitivity, so i'm thinking they would complement each other, with the greeny a little louder

              i hadn't looked at extended range guitar cab...

              again, many thanks



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                There's also an issue with sensitivity. Bass speakers tend to be significantly less sensitive than guitar speakers.

                There's truth to this, for sure. But I hook up my Sunn Solarus tube head to my Sunn 200S cab (2X15 JBL D140F's) and it produces such a full, thick sound that makes it worth a little lost response IMO. But then again I'm not doing any shredding or particularly fast soloing or anything. The D140F's seem to soften the highs too...sort of takes all the shrillness out of them while still allowing them to cut through pretty well. Just my $ .02
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