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wobble bass effect


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  • wobble bass effect

    Found this vid in another thread. Very interesting bass tone and motion sensitive expression ring thingy.

    Original thread:

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    Ha, well, fun


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      That's what I was thinking. Looks like it'd be fun to do for one or two songs instead of using a keyboard.

      The proximity sensor rings are interesting. I think it'd be cool to wear one on your left hand that was set up to fade-in distortion as you go up the neck, so you'd have a totally clean tone below the 7th fret or so and increasing dirt as you go higher. I have no idea if one could be made to work that way, though.


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        I think a distortion like you want could be made. The sensor would act as a wireless blend control. I don't know how hard/expensive it would be, but it isn't beyond reason.
        Play more bass.


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          I'm sure it could be done, but I'm also sure it'd be more work than I'd want to do.
          To make it work the way I'm thinking you'd probably have to have the sensor/receiver part of the rig in or on the body of the instrument instead of on the floor.
          And of course you could do the same left-hand-position-blend thing with all sorts of effects.


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            I posted it on eBassist and someone told me this topic existed over here.

            The ring is the wireless adapter for the Source Audio Hot Hand line. Just FYI.
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              That was exactly what I was trying to look for! Thanks for the link.
              Play more bass.