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Your favorite practice (bass) amps?


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  • Your favorite practice (bass) amps?

    I need to pickup a small, decent sounding, small, affordable, and small bass amp for my practice space. Did I say small?

    What are you guys using? Any experience with Roland's bass cube or Ampeg's BA-110/108?

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    I was thinking about this yesterday. Something small and cheap. Heavy on the cheap part. And small.

    I'd like it to sound good and go pretty low for it's size, but not expect it to play loud.


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      I have a GK MB 112 and love it. 26 LBS, 200 Watts, Line Input for IPOD, Heaphone Out for quiet practice. Awesome tone. 330.00 New
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        My practice amp is a 50 watt Kustom amp of unknown year. I bought it at a pawn shop 3 years ago and have used it almost everyday without a single problem. I don't have it cranked and play with headphones with it. I also have a VOX plug-in type amp that uses AAA batteries.
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          Not cheap, but it is pretty small, and can compete with about any 810........

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            I bought this the day they came out a long time ago. Great amp, 30 watts, 10" speaker, Zero problems after all these years.


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              I have 2 Bass Cube 30's. Great little amps, very loud and full sounding for only 30 watts, and readily available used in good shape around $150.
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                I have had a BA112 for well over a decade I'm very happy with.
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                  I had an OLD Roland Bass 30 combo...back when they were still blue and covered in tolex/vinyl/whatever it was. It was from the 90's or possibly late 80's. I loved that amp. I'd probably buy another if I could find one, just for the nostalgia alone.

                  For the past few years I've been using either a POD XT plugged into my computer or small mixer...or just a DI plugged into my small mixer. I've got a metronome and my iPod going through the rest of the mixer, so I'm able to do all kinds of things with it. It's great. Lately I've been playing through the computer set up much more. I've got more music on my comp to play along with, and better recording abilities to capture anything I need to. I plan on getting a decent interface so I can ditch the POD and use my good DI's or mic up an amp in the near future...

                  I also recently picked up a Mesa Walkabout Scout for small gigs. It's the only amp I keep with me at all times (the others are dispersed with my bands so I don't have to lug things back and fourth) so I have been using that as an actual amp at home. It's a Mesa, and it kills. It's way overkill for a practice amp though...but it I have it sitting there, why not?
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                    Acoustic B20 is perfect for me. For full band, I just use the B200. But the B20 is loud enough to be able to handle full band, too.
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                      I have a small practice amp that I rarely use for anything besides setting up guitars. Instead, I just use headphones, Garageband, and a 1/4" to 1/8" cable.
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                        Ampeg BA115HP. Took it to the last gig and it sounded great with my Gibson Les Paul Triumph. Built in tuner & DI are nice features.
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                          Eden Nemesis ENX260 + (2) Mesa Boogie Powerhouse 112s.
                          Love the EQ on the ENX260.
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                            Half of this-


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                              I have a GK MB 112 and love it. 26 LBS, 200 Watts, Line Input for IPOD, Heaphone Out for quiet practice. Awesome tone. 330.00 New

                              ^ This for sure!

                              Works great as a backup amp if needed too. I also have the MB115 that is my gigging/rehearsal amp. Both have an awesome power to weight ratio and don't take up alot of space.
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