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  • Bass Synth type pedals

    I am looking to put together a new effects chain for neglected bass rig. I have a Moogerfooger Ring Modulator. I am keeping that. I am getting rid of the Moogerfooger Freqbox. Basically right now I want a fuzz, a hardsync type distortion similar to the Freq box and good low pass filter. I might get a Moogerfooger Low pass filter because have several control voltage control pedals. I want suggestions on good bass synth / fuzz pedals that maybe even have some control voltage capability.
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    I have a EH microsynth that I'm quite fond of but it sounds like you want something different. I have the MF lowpass filter and it is an excellent pedal but there are several key variables that you can't control so it was somewhat less useful with synth IMO. Primarily you have little control over the speed of the filter (only two settings). Also, you can only do > with it... it is nice to have the option to do < if that makes sense...


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      Been using the Roland V Bass system since it came out. I'm not sure how the newer plastic/rack units sound, maybe much better than the older metal floor units like I have does. But I really like it. I really love the way those Moog pedals look so I went down to my favorite music store and the guy brought out the 3 or 4 different models he had. I was totally drooling on 'em. I definitely screwed around with them but I really didn't care for them much. It's like they messed with the articulation too much. Just didn't seem like the way the effected the signal would not produce practice results in terms of functional funkin around. Maybe I was just out of my gourd that day cause I really do think Bob is the stuff.

      I'm thinking Claypool has the most killer fuzz envelope sounds I have ever heard using a bass guitar. The syrupy fuzzing dribblings that guy gets on record are insane OTT. BTW r05c03, you got some KILLER gear man, WHOA!!~!


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        I only have the Freqbox, and while it's really cool, I need to tame it somehow to make it useful. I've been thinking about adding the LowPassFilter.


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          I only have the Freqbox, and while it's really cool, I need to tame it somehow to make it useful. I've been thinking about adding the LowPassFilter.


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            There are only a few good lowpass filters for what you're looking for. The most common one is the Moog. You may want to consider that just because you already have Moog stuff and it's a known quantity. The contender is the Iron Ether Xerograph. I have one-- it's a re-complication of a simplified Moog-type unit. The learning curve is a bit steep because of the way the controls are tuned.

            For the fuzz, not sure. Perhaps a Woolly Mammoth?


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              The Xerograph is a good way to go given your parameters, but I'd also recommend the Source Audio Bass Envelope Filter Pro and their Multiwave Bass Distortion Pro. Some killer synthy fuzzes in the MWBDP, especially when adding the BEF on top. Both have in depth backpage parameters you can toy with to tweak your settings and 6 presets to load up. The MWBDP also features the ability to morph between presets with an expression pedal.
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