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They say I have a bad word in my signature


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  • They say I have a bad word in my signature

    It's been there for the last 10 years and never seemed to disturb anyone.

    Now the system wants me to change it.

    Not going to happen.

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    Here is your answer-

    Anderton posted this in the feedback forum addressing another poster who made a comment about the censoring...

    "The "bleep" thing is, unfortunately, the heavy hand of Google. We've been flagged repeatedly for "objectionable content." One time it led to that virus warning that scared everyone away. It's also led to being cut out of searches. Basically, we've been ordered to clean up our act by Google. We don't have enough moderators to deal with stuff, so we put in the filter and hopefully they'll leave us alone now."

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    • Reverend179
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      So I can google countless amounts of the most horrific images, racist diatribe, and sex of any manner, but '**bleep**' causes Google to flip out?

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    Link to what is claimed to be Google's list of bad words.

    Links don't work.





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      You **bleep** juggling thunder **bleep**!

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      • Anderton
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        I could dig it if the filter consisted of words that related to musicians. I wonder if we could make "128kbps MP3" a bad word and thereby remove it from the face of the earth. Maybe "maximization," too. And how did they miss "Bieber"?