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Picked up an Ashdown 4x10 for $100


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  • Picked up an Ashdown 4x10 for $100

    Virtually new. Guy walked out on girl a month ago, left his stuff, never called... She sold it. Lol

    Its the deep one with the blue speakers. It sounds great. Better than my Peavey 410, better than my bassist's Hartke 410. Had all three cabs going tonight, with a GK800rb driving the Hartke cab and a Hartke HA2000 driving the Peavey and Ashdown. And the bass goes into the board and thru the PA. Sounded awesome.

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    I love, and use, the Ashdown stuff. The blue speakers I believe are the MAG line. Good stuff. It's their mid-grade line and perfectly fine. I use a MAG 300 watt combo with 2-10 and add their 1-15 cab. The top line is amazing, but for the price and comparing against the competition, I absolutely love the Mag stuff. I think I'd prefer the cab you have to my 15.


    Nice snag.

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      So getting the cab prompted me to tear apart the bass rig. Just for info, I'm not the bassist in my band. Anyway, there was a GK 800RB with a Hartke aluminum 4x10. Those both belong to the bassist, and they are now out. The GK is prone to more distortion than my Hartke HA2000. and that distortion is not pleasant..... and the Hartke cab turns out to be out of phase with the others!! So I'd have both amps going, and the volume would be far lower than if just one was on. Same if I combined the Hartke cab with either of the others on the same amp.

      Also, there are various effects and a line mixer. Turns out most effects can't handle the bass input, and the line mixer bled signal. The only effect in all his stuff that does not muck up the input signal is a Lexicon MPX100.

      So the rig is now the Hartke HA2000 amp. It is driving a Peavey 4x10 cab on the ground, which points out into the room, and the new Ashdown 4x10 on top which points toward the band. The cabs are horizontally purpendicular to each other. And that Lexicon effect unit is the only effect.

      And it is absolutely SLAMMING. Holy Toledo, this setup just cranks!! So articulate, so punchy.... so LOUD. Has some grit, yet also has crystal clarity. Handles the low B very well. And there remains plenty of headroom.

      Now I have to persuade the bassist to take home all that unused gear of his. lol