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Pragmatism vs. idealism @ GC

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  • Pragmatism vs. idealism @ GC

    I had a DRRI (nice amp- very clean, P12N, Beam Blocker, tone stack mod, all NOS tubes, etc) that I rarely played, and the wife was griping about all my gear, so I went down to GC to see what I'd get towards a new bass head (pull the NOS tubes first and replaced with stock tubes:catwink.

    I told the kid I was hoping to get about $450- they had another used DRRI for sale at $675- in store credit.

    He told me the most he could allow was $400, so I said might trade even for the used Little Mark III the website said they had @ $449.

    He said they didn't have it, but he'd trade me even for a new LM III display unit.

    I looked at it- a "10th Year Limited Edition".

    The only possible glitch would be that my receipt is only for $359- the clearance price of the unit, so if I didn't like it, I would only be entitles to that much for my DRRI (which I put about $1200 into in mods and upgrades- not including the NOS tubes I removed), and the faceplate on the LM III says "Year" singular, not "Years" plural, like on the ones on the MF website, although there is a space for the 's'.

    Hooked up to my two Hydrive 112s, plugged in the MIM JB- hey, that works. :cat:

    Both very articulate and warm, with really flexible EQ-ability.

    So, instead of looking at it like I lost $300 or $400 because I was too lazy to **************** with craigslist or ebay, I prefer to take the pragmatic pespective and feel I got a $650 amp for a dust collector that someone else might put to good use.

    Stumblin' thru da ghost town.....