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Fender Classic series...60s or 70s J-Bass?

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  • Fender Classic series...60s or 70s J-Bass?

    I was wondering:

    Is there a good reason why the 70s Jazz Bass costs a bit more then the (about 60euros) 60s Jazz Bass? Is it the electronics, hardware, or some other quality difference?

    Are the inlays on the 70s J-Bass real, or are they painted on, like on the squire vintage modified J-bass?

    Which of the two has the slimmest/fastest neck?

    Any other tips to help me decide would be appreciated. I know a local bass player who has the mim 70s JBass, and it plays/sounds great. I don't have a store nearby where I can try the 60s JB though, so I could use some help before I make the 2hour drive...


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      I once owned a 60's Jazz and I was disapointed a bit. It plays OK but the electronics are a bit weak. I couldn't get a low action with mine either.

      For the same budget or close, you could get a Highway 1 Jazz bass... made in USA, BadAss bridge and more interesting features. You should consider these too.


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