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Thinking of picking up a Peavey T-40 Bass.. Thoughts, Reviews, Experiences??

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  • Thinking of picking up a Peavey T-40 Bass.. Thoughts, Reviews, Experiences??


    I have recently switched over from playing Rhythm Guitar to Bass.

    I have been a metalhead for many, many years-- I recently have been working with a Classic Rock/High-Energy Modern Blues/Rock band.

    Originally, I planned to only be with them for a short time since they had a regular and busy gig schedule.

    Well-- 2 years later, and here I am.........  Long story short, We all leave our gig equipment at the rehersal space. The bass player didn't show up for 3 straight practices-- and his bass gear was there.

    I had never played Bass Before-- and honestly I just strapped it on as a goof.-- It wasnt half bad!

    I played with a pick, since guitar was what I was used to, but it felt right.

    Since then, we lost the Bass Player-- and now i have been voted up to take over.

    The new rhythm guitarist/vocalist is working out great, and it looks like ill be on Bass duties..


    I have a cheap Washburn Bass from the mid- 80s. And I am "SansAmping" DI to the PA mixer.

    I have a small Wedge monitor, but its full band-- and it is difficult to hear myself sometimes.

    MY QUESTION IS-- I found a Peavey T40 in a local music store for $350. Natural Finish.

    The guy says its from 1980. Hes asking $500-- and it is in PRISTINE MINT contition..

    Its a little heavey, but really well balanced... Sounds excellent, and feels great in my hand.


    Whats your thoughts on the Peavey T40?

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    You have a bass, no amp and are having problems hearing yourself.

    Maybe buy an amp before you buy a second bass.


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      T40 is one of my favorite basses, I own 2 of them.  $500 is too high, $350 is fine.  I agree that you may want to get an amp first, though.

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      • isaac42
        isaac42 commented
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        I'm a little confused. You found it in a store for $350, but he's asking $500?

      • Maniac-3733
        Maniac-3733 commented
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        whats a good Bass Guitar amp to keep up with a PV1500 power amp for PA mixer (not cranked, btw)

        Guitar players with tube amps (50w Fender blues deluxe, i think-- not sure about the other one)


        I have been shopping around, and I am taking a liking to the Orange Terror Bass head.

        I thik its 500 watts, and you can get a small cabinet with a weird isobaric 2x12 setup, with a 1x12 footprint.


        Are Orange Amps as good as they used to be, back iin the 70s?

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      Wear it for a while and form your own opinion.  Every one I have ever picked up was made of some kind of lead/wood compound that had the aesthetics of wood, but the weight of lead.

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        Peavey T-40s are great basses. So are Matsumoku rea Washburns, which you probably have.

        I am another vote for an amp.