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Eden Metro DC210xlt replacement speaker


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  • Eden Metro DC210xlt replacement speaker

    Well I blew a speaker. I need a replacement after much digging I found that they are eden made speakers. EC-1060XL Cast Frame Anybody know where to buy replacement speakers individually? I've been looking around and would rather buy direct and not second hand, its seemingly pretty difficult to find someone who will sell them to me. I've had this for about 12 years now and I still love it, Its more than enough and delivers my tone. But still I need a new speaker and this would be the second speaker I've had to replace for this combo. Which is slightly annoying but really not unexpected.

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    If the driver is actually made by Eden, then I would imagine that you can buy it only from Eden or through an authorized dealer. However, a lot of proprietary drivers are actually made by EOM manufacturers like Eminence.

    If you can't find the exact driver, there are still options. Perhaps a local speaker enthusiast could measure the parameters of your driver, then you could look around for a close match.
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      Well I did just that. I used the contact us form on the Eden Website, they got back to me with a place I can order from in Illinois, however, I decided to pull out the speaker and inspect the damages. Turns out the cone pulled away from outer foam suspension ring right at seem. No actual tears, so so I'm trying some 3M silicon gasket type glue. It appears like its gonna hold up better than I expected.