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  • Help with bass rig


    I am putting together a bass rig.  I have a couple of questions

    I have a BMax preamp that I have been using to shape my sound with our churches Roland amp.  I have a local shop that has a Peavey 260 power amp.  I can get it for around $100.  Opinions?  My plan is to get a cabinet and power amp and have it for two purposes.  One at church to use the DI on preamp out to board and the cabinet as monitor.  Two use for small venues or mic'ed.


    So ...


    Opinion on the Peavey amp or one you would suggest?


    Opinion on cabinet?  Size is a concern due to storing it at home. 



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    Wow.  91 views and no opinions??????  This forum is DEAD.  I lost my user name and post number during the change over.  I have been here when they tried the other change over, where we lost a lot of people.  But this time it has taker its toll.  So long Bass forum and you lerkers.  Thanks for nothing???


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      Well I was going to answer, but now that you're gone... .png" alt=":smileyfrustrated:" title="Smiley Frustrated" />

      I'm not familiar with those pieces of equipment, but plenty of bass players use a bass preamp powered by a general-purpose audio amp, a PA amp. If you need volume, get the biggest bass cab you can afford...a 4x10 is better than a 1x15 cab.