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    i found a charvel bass from the 80's made in usa for 350 euro ,i think the model heavy metal or santimas im not has jackson active pickups.I played with it and it was great!!!
    I ve heard that its better than the new ones or the jackson bass japan.what do you think?its exactly like this:

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    I used to have a Charvel Model 4B neck-through made in the mid to late 80's. Great bass, wish I'd never sold it. Charvel basses were production line versions of the Jackson basses made in Japan. Some people think the Charvel basses were better than their Jackson counterparts, because of the quality control and automated technology used in production line assembly.

    I think they are definitely better that the re-issue Jackson line today. I'd say buy it.
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      +1. I learned bass on a Charvel Model 1. It was my buddie's.


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        Welcome to the forum

        Charvels are kind of like P-basses and Peavey T-40s: we all played one at one time or another.

        Looks like a nice bass. I hope you enjoy it.

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          Those are great! Miss mine as well.
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            thanks for the reply
            i am guitarist but i decided to take a bass.i was thinking about something cheap like an ltd b-50 that cost 300 eyro(here in greece) but i think that is 1000 times better for 350 eyro.sorry about my english


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              Looks like a great buy to me.
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                Great basses, even today. I see one every once and awhile in used shops around here. The overall design definitely gives them a dated look, but they are solid instruments and excellent values on the used market.


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                  finally i bought the bass but it is the model b2 made in japan.
                  althought it sounds ****************ing great


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                    I dont know about their basses but I have an old Red single pick up single volume control Electric Charvel G(*^tar from about 1980 and it is a ripper!
                    Artificial harmonics just fall off the strings.
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                      well rex brown used to use them, thats good enough for me


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               with charvel info


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