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Can anyone tell me about Apollo Basses?


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  • Can anyone tell me about Apollo Basses?

    I don't know anything other that this was made sometime between '68-'72.  Not much info on them online.  I had this one given to me and was thinking about possibly modding it.  Anyone have any insight on construction/tone/playability? Any information is useful.  I don't expect much out of it, but thought at the very least it would be a cool addition to my arsenal based on looks alone.  Any suggestions on mods would be greatly appreciated as well.



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    Apollo basses were imported by St Louis music in the late 60's and early 70's. They were made in Japan by Kawai.

    Do the pickups and electronics work?

    A lot of older, short scale hollow body basses don't have good low end. If it was mine I'd experiment with higher tunings. Go up anywhere from 5 to 12 half steps (with appropriate strings). Try very light strings + a pick + reverb for a BassVI sound.


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      The pickups do work. A couple of the knobs are a little "jicky", and have to be positioned just right to get it to work like you want it.  Overall, it's in pretty good shape and needs a good cleaning and re-soldering.

      I hadn't thought about tuning up. I'm going to have to give that a shot.  I also had never thought about the hollow body/short scale combo effecting the low end in the way you mentioned.  Thank you for your input.