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playing Kashmir with no keyboards - what do?


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  • playing Kashmir with no keyboards - what do?

    Since this forum needs threads, here's my current challenge. Feel free to discuss/give advice/mock/etc.

    My guitar player and drummer told me last night they want to add Led Zeppelin's Kashmir to our set. A version more like the Celebration Day arrangement than the original recording. Its always been one of my favorite songs, so I'm up for it. The difficulty is we have no keyboard player.

    Each of them wants to play basically the stock parts, with me filling in the rest.

    So my question is, how would you approach playing Kashmir as the bass player in a guitar/bass/drums/vocal 4 piece? I've got some ideas I'm going to try out, but I'm not satisfied that they're going to be 'enough' to make the song sound as good as I want it to.

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    I think the bass covering the keys' lines would be kind of cool.
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      guitar has to cover keys, and the bass would have to cover Page.


      there are some great tabs out there for the guitar part.  open tuning, some odd fingering, but they're pretty accurate.


      bass is just going to be doing a drone.