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  • new Hendrix record

    i dunno...i'm just not excited about it...more unearthed 'jams'.

    i think i'll play Vibratory Colour-Sound Experiment

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    Well... I don't know what material could be "unearthed" (pardon the pun) 30+ years after the fact that aren't more than dressed up jams that never were meant to be released.  The last one was interesting, but...

    Did I say that out loud ?!?


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      this one is stuff recorded as Gypsy, Sun, and Rainbow - the Woodstock band.  i think most of it is already out there as bootlegs.


      Hendrix liked to record everything when he was in the studio.  but not all of it is meant to be heard again.  i haven't found the previous Hendrix Estate product to be essential listening.  altho to a completist maybe.


      but the machine has to roll on.  as above, there a few superb concert tapes of Hendrix, with Cox and Mitchell, that just kill any of the 'jams' the estate is re-issuing.

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    Not for me, but somebody'll buy it.