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Think I finally found my future bass


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  • Think I finally found my future bass

    Been going back and forth the last frikking year or so, there was always something else (usually other gear) that got in the way...And though I was set on getting either a p-bass or j-bass from the mim classic series, I kinda just decided to spend a little less and go with this beauty:




    Not sure if I'll ever play bass in a band again, but even then, I guess this baby should do the trick. I'd want something to play all sorts of rock with, to jam with my buddy (drummer), and to noodle/record with at home. I'm not in a hurry, I'll be looking around for a used one for while, and I'll look for a store where I can try it out. Been reading reviews and watching demos for the last couple days, I hope this bass plays as good as it looks, and sounds as stingrayish as in the demos

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