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    So, I've got some stuff I want to trade in at a Music-Go-Round for a Squier Jagmaster priced at $200.  I'm not exactly looking to sell everything, but what I have to trade is an Ibanez AEB5-ENT ($200 new), a hardshell case for it ($100 new), a Crate BT100 amp (not sure, I think $350 new), and a Digitech BP80 ($100 new). 


    What's the least amount of money you think I should take for each piece, and, on a slight side-note, does anyone know exactly how much BT100's went for brand-new? 


    Also, do you guys have any advice regarding haggling and trade-ins at stores like this?





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    i'm gonna pretend this is a real post.


    sorry dude, but your gear is nothing special.  you're better off trying to flog it on CL and spending cash on the Jag.

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      Haha, I know most of this stuff is ****************, but I figured it would be easier to get some cash from a store than to put it on Craigslist, because I figured I'd have a hard time getting someone to buy it. Do you think the chances of that happening are good enough that I should try, or am I better off with the in-store trade?