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New Carvin Speaker Made by Celestion?


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  • New Carvin Speaker Made by Celestion?

    I got it to put in my old 1-15 Carvin extension cab to match impedence with my 71 Bassman head. Guitar/Bass dual purpose was the idea.  It replaced an 8ohm 400w EV, which was stock in the old early 90s cab I bought used.

    Surprise! It has a Celestion sticker on it. Wonder if this is a special run by Celestion for Carvin or is a rebranding of one of their regual model? No mention of Celestion in the published info. Anybody know? 

    PS 15-4 bass speaker for $69


    Rear-vented. 400W @ 4 ohms. 56 oz magnet structure, 10 pounds net weight.

    Sounds great anyway. Pbass has a nice warm growl and the guitars sound warm and huge, like a Bassman should.


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