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    I recently picked up a used Jackson JS3. It plays great and sounds good acoustically, but when I plug it in to an amp I get a distorted sound like I am plugged into a fuzz box. It has passive pickups and an active eq, I checked the battery but it tests fine. Any idea what else I should check that might be causing this?
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    How did you check the battery? I wouldn't rely on the "tongue test" need a voltmeter with a battery test function or just install new fresh battery. The disitortion you are heaing is the classic symptom of a dying preamp battery. 

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      New battery, then look for cold solder joints and loose connections in the electronics.

    • MetalHed
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      I checked the battery with a voltmeter. I haven't found any bad connections, but there are a ton of wires in the control cavity, so visibility is a bit poor.