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  • Fender Bassman 150 Combo

    The local music store has one of these used for $300. A friend of mine bought a Rumble 150 a while back and pointed out that brand new the Rumble is only $50 more. Looks like there are a handful of differences, but I haven't been able to drum up specs on the Bassman except that it has a 12" Eminence speaker compared to the 15" in the Rumble. Is this an awful deal on a used amp? I've got a gift card for $50 that I'd like to put towards a bass combo that will cut through the mix if I'm ever playing with a full band in a practice space setting. 

    Been a long time since I've been at HC. Weren't there gear reviews at one point where I could pull up individual models? Are those gone?

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    The reviews were lost in the changeover.
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      I've seen them advertised online, used, for $250.

      The thing about this amp is that it is designed to be used like a monitor. You put it in front of you, leaned back, so you can hear yourself, but your main FOH volume comes from lining out into the PA. You can't add an extension speaker to it, and one 12" speaker will only move so much air.


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        also got a used one those are great!