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Good practice/small gig amps?


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  • Good practice/small gig amps?

    Hey guys, would just like some advice and recomendations on a new amp! At the moment i'm a bedroom rockstar but i'm going to be playing gigs soon so could do with an amp for practice and also to gig with. My budget is

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    i'm not going to be good at UK pricing.


    what kind of gigs are you looking to play? with a loud band?  will the amps be doing all the heavy lifting? - meaning is there a PA you can run the bass through?


    if it's loud, 2-300 quid probably won't get the job done.  Ashdown is a good brand you might want to look at over there.

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      2-300 won't give you much for giging, especially if that includes competing with a drummer and loud lead...


      Quiet acoustic type gigs, coffee shops, etc... MAYBE... but not a noisy room / pub / stage show...


      I use a Peavey Tour TNT 115 and it is plenty lous for most anywhere I've played inside and outside gigs and often don't need to run through the house system, but it is $500 over here so that's almost 400 Euro and it is very heavy to move around.