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  • How to set up new rig

    I play in a shock rock band where I want to use lots of crazy tones for effects

    right now I do a dual setup where I run my bass into an a/b/y/ box and one out to a swr 750 head with 2 swr 410 cabs running the built in overdrive for a mild distortion effect, and the other through a  hartke 1000 with a hartke 810 that runs a straight bass tone.

    I want to try something new to be able to get some crazier sound options, im looking at either a line 6 x3 pro or hd pro and use that as my effect. those have a dual output so i can run one output with a wet signal and output two with a dry signal. essentially i think eliminate one of the heads or both if i use a power amp instead of bass head.

    i was thinking about maybe going from the line 6 effects into a straight power amp then into the bass cabs, and if i can't use the bass cabs, i have plenty of pa speakers.

    i want to be able to run one side with different effects for different songs, but have the other side run a straight bass tone for a fuller effect.

    So question 1, is there anything wrong with setting up this way that im missing.

    Two if i can do this, what power amp would you use

    i have own these already and would like an opinion on what would be the best to use

    peavey cs-800
    peavey m-2600
    alesis ra-100
    crown xls402
    crown com tech 210
    behringer ep2500
    behringer ep4000 (3 of these)
    qsc rmx 1450
    a/b power international 9620.

    speakers i own
    bass cabs
    2- swr goliath 410
    hartke 1000w 810
    peavey 210
    peavey 15

    pa speakers
    b52 lx 15
    jbl tr225


  • #2 the Line 6 going to cut it as stand-alone pre-amp into a straight power amp?

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      oh, and, welcome vlad!

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      If i used the power amp method, then yes the line 6 would be the pre straight ito the power amp. Line 6 says this unit is designed to do that with no problem

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    It all depends on whether the Line6 has the correct output level to plug straight into a power amp. A lot of effects processors and preamps don't, even if the product description claims they do.

    Keeping a dry signal is pretty much key to maintaining your low end when you start using heavy effects, though, so good going there.

    I do not envy your load in/out. But then again, I'm old and lazy.