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  • Hofner Violin "Beatle" Bass

    Long time member, off-and-on poster.

    I haven't bought much gear in the last 10 years, mainly because I have everything I need and don't play in bands anymore.  But, I remember back in the day, you walk into your local shop - whether that be Guitar Center or some random non-franchise place - and pretty much haggle about 20% off the list price.

    Question - is this unwritten rule still applicable today?  As a guitar player for 20 years, I've found myself REALLY wanting to play the bass and so I was out shopping and playing some yesterday.  Found this Hofner Violin "Beatle" Bass at Guitar Center with a list price of $469 (just like the ebay add I posted).  Ebay prices are the same so I'm wondering if I have any haggle room with GC or what's the cheapest I can pay for this particular bass?

    As someone who just wants to have fun with this, I'm trying to spend the least amount possible but I do LOVE this Hofner I found, so I'm not interested in going with another brand/style at the moment.

    Any/all input greatly appreciated!


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    If you love the Hofner, get the Hofner. Why not?
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      The question isn't whether or not I should get the Hofner.  I'm wondering how cheap I can get a new one through GC?  I haggling still common?  Haven't bought new gear in a long while and not sure if things are how they used to be.

      I found a used one anyways for $250.  Now searching for the best "bang-for-buck" bass amp.

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    yes, that's the budget B-Bass introduced a few years back. I don't know where your's in made, but I'm in Australia - I bought one, made in China, hence the low price. But I did have a German Hofner, circa about '78, which I had longed for all my life. I'm a left handed Beatles/McCartney nut! To be honest, the B-Bass was a very decent replica, but still it was that ..... not the real McCoy ... the German one was like an old violin. Unfortunately I sold both, because I couldn't get into the hollow body sound and I don't like flats (which is what they advise to put on). I have a Rickenbacker, so still in the McCartney Club. But my fav bass is my StingRay - a very different sound to the Hofner, or the Ric.

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      Welcome to the forum, Jim.

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      Welcome Jim...